Location of Villa Afrikana

Villa Afrikana is situated in one of the most exclusive and charming regions of Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa

Villa Afrikana is located in the heart of the Garden Route and next to a natural reserve enclosed by indiginous trees and plants. From the Stone Age, the Khoisan people inhabited the Garden Route until the arrival of Dutch Settlers in the 17th Century. Hottentots named a local river in the area by a word that sounded like 'Knysna' to Europeans at the time. The town's streets and historical buildings show its commercial past, while the rocky coast and silent, deep forests reflect the history of men with bows and arrows, ancient hunters, gatherers and nomads.

Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa is situated between the impressive Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean, with 80, 000 ha of world-renowned forests surrounding it. At the heart of Knysna is the 21 ha lagoon, protected from the sea by the giant sandstone 'Heads' - silent sentinels through the centuries of history of this unique part of paradise on earth.

Indigenous forests, lakes, mountains and rivers, together with a moderate climate, make Knysna a natural Eden for flora and fauna lovers with many natural features in the area to be appreciated. Visitors can expect an average high temperature of 22 degrees C in the Summer months (October-March) and and low temperature of 14 degrees C. In the Winter months (April-September), you can expect an average high of 19 degrees C. and a low of 10 degrees C.

No matter what the season, Knysna stays green. Its warm, temperate climate makes it the perfect destination all year round. Spring is silky and soft, Autumn tingles on the skin like champagne, Winter is crisp as an apple and our African summer bronzes the soul with its pure sunlight.